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House at Ballagh, Bushy Park, Galway

Irish Architect, April 2003

The house is located on an elevated sloping site with views to the north over Lough Corrib and Galway City.

The brief required a modern, spacious functional design. The house is composed of two contrasting volumes: A large upper volume sitting on a lower recessed base and a smaller lower level, which is cut into the earth.

The upper volume, rectilinear in form and flat-roofed, houses the majority of the accommodation, including the living and bedroom areas.  The front entrance to the house, located off-centre, splits this upper volume into private bedroom areas on one side and more public living areas on the other.  This form is punctures with large openings.

In contrast, the lower level has more discreet openings.  The rear entrance and utility functions of the brief are located on this level.

The contrast between the two volumes is continued in the selection of materials.  The upper volume is finished externally in white painted render, powder coated aluminium windows and stainless steel handrail.  The plinth below is finished in grey limestone random rubble.  Internally, the kitchen, bathroom and hallways are finished in terrazzo flooring and the living areas are finished in ash floor boarding.