Embassy works granted permission

Our proposal for the Chinese Embassy on Ailesbury Road has been granted permission by Dublin City Council.

The Council said yes to our proposal for works to amalgamate no.s 38 & 40 Ailesbury Road both of which are protected structures.

The works will consist of:

- change of use of 38 Ailesbury Road from Residential to Embassy Office,

- the integration of 38 and 40 Ailesbury Road, to be used as a single unit,

- removal of sections of original & non-original walls at ground floor level, first floor level and second floor level,

- removal of verandah roof, bay windows and conservatory windows to rear elevations (23 m2),

- repair of original fenestration and replacement of non-original fenestration where required,

- minor alterations to the internal layout at ground floor level,

- new single-story extension to rear elevation, including a glazed internal hallway and covered external steps and ramp (20 m2),

- minor alterations to layout of front gardens, associated conservation works, landscaping works, site works and ancillary works.

Ailesbury and Shrewsbury Road are zoned as a conservation area and the Development Plan highlights housing as the principal land use within the Z2 zoning.

The zoning does allow for a limited range of other secondary and established uses, the key issue being whether these uses enhance the architectural quality of the area.

There is a concentration of embassy usage in the area which contributes significantly to the character, prestige and land values of the area.

A concentration of embassy in a particular area is not uncommon in many capital cities and reflects the need for diplomatic interaction.

In this case, a limited staff and very limited visitor numbers are envisaged.

In this case, the council judged that the proposed works will have a positive effect on Ailesbury Road as a result of the refurbishment of both properties and the upgrading of landscaping to the front of No. 40 in particular.

The proposal will allow a discrete low profile use which will ensure minimal interference with the residential amenities on Ailesbury Road and other streets in the area.

The development will be consistent with the residential conservation area zoning but will also contribute to the character of the road as part of Dublin’s embassy district.

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